Hello! I’m Chris, I’m 28 years old and I’m a spastic. I’ve had cerebral palsy from birth due to medical negligence. A disability changes a persons life, but I’ve always been like this; to me, this is normal. The odd spasm here, an ache there, thats just life. I actually feel that dealing with the physical elements of CP relatively easy. There are obviously days or situations where the physical side of life does piss me off, but as you will see in my posts, I will always find ways around physical problems. Its people, policies and systems that seem to make my life difficult, even hell, at times. It baffles me that people and organisations who are created or paid to help me, manage to go out of there way to make my life even more difficult then it already is.

Of course, my life is not dictated by CP. One of the major areas of my life is psychology. I started at A-level and instantly loved the subject. People are different, we really should get used to this. I did my undergrad degree at Royal Holloway, University of London – to me the best University in the world, where I met some incredible people (I’m sure you’ll get to know them in my posts). I did my Masters in Research at the University of Bath, and I’ve stayed on to do a PhD in Clinical Psychology, specialising in obsessive-compulsive disorder. Again, I’m very lucky to find myself being part of a fantastic department, working with some amazing people.

I’ve decided to create a blog for two reasons: to try and give you an insight into life as a spastic with it’s ups or downs. No doubt there will be posts that will upset you, anger you, and make you realise how nasty the human race can be. I assure you, there will be plenty of posts that show how helpful people can be, how funny living with disability can be, and how obscure I can be!

I also hope that individuals will be able to get to know me, the research I’m doing for my PhD, and hopefully throughout my career. When researching in such a sensitive area such as OCD, I am constantly concerned that I will not be sensitive enough to the people that I am keen to try and help because I don’t have any experiences of obsessions or compulsions. Equally, some research can come across quite direct, only focussing on generating data to help me in the academic world. Hopefully, you can see that my research is aimed at trying to help individuals. Experiments are pointless if they are not helping, or actually making individuals worse in the process. If you are interested in my research, please feel free to get in contact. We can chat face to face, on the phone or even Skype, if you wish to discuss anything from life as a spastic to OCD, to individual research studies that I am conducting. I would be more than happy to have a chat about anything you like.

I hope you enjoy my posts 🙂



19 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Mate. Awesome idea, look forward to reading it. Hope it pisses people off and makes people angry. Nothing better than an honest blog with a real opinion. Good luck with it man


  2. The word spastic is very harsh….. my daughter dates a guy with cp, who we see as no different to anyone else. We are aware of some things that he can’t do him self, like cutting up his food, he is treated with dignity and compassion. He has a great sense of humour. He also trains with team GB and recently came 3rd in the World Junior wheel chair athletic s.


  3. Hello Chris, you don’t know me but I know your Mother from many years back when her parents Reg and Dott were still alive. When you were born Reg and Dott ofcourse came to visit at their grandson and since you were born in Germany wich is close to THE Netherlands they also visited us.They were so proud of you and talked a lot about you and later also about your brothers ofcourse. We visited them in Bournemouth a couple of times, even one time with our 3 daughters.We’ve lost contact since they died and only keep contact with your Mother through Christmascards. This changed when your Mother Jill started her own blog. She is a brave woman and I know you have her courage and optimisme. It is so great to be able to read about your way of live and how you experience things, I’m looking forward to your Posts. Hugs from THE Netherlands, Hanny


  4. Chris, I have CP too, but hate the term spastic….congratulations on your academic achievements and keep inspiring people. I wrote a fictional book called “Miracle” about a girl with CP and the barriers and hate she faces at school, to help teenagers out there understand what its like to live with CP. I’m a qualified teacher and a single parent of two boys aged 9 and 11….CP should bever hold anyone back despite the problems attitudes and anger it raises. Thank you for your great contributions, I look forward to reading them.


    1. Hey Phillipa! hows it going? sounds like your doing well. i’ll keep my eye out for the book – if i buy it, can you send me an electronic copy? its easier to read on the computer. is it based on personal experiences? if so, sounds like you had a bad time. why don’t you like the word spastic? C


      1. Hi Chris, it’s published in paperback and on kindle via Amazon if you fancy taking a look. Spastic was a term used pre 80’s and to me it is a derogatory term which makes people think sufferers are mentally impaired as well as physically. It’s just an old fashioned term….’I’m disabled’ is better as to me it sounds like less of an insult. From the writings in your blog and your background, it should be titled something like, “Dalliance with my disability” as like me, you live with CP and cannot get away from it, but are an overcomer and let nothing get in your way.


      2. But the word ‘spastic’, as i understand it, has no relation to mental health difficulties. I’ve mainly heard it used in medical settings to describe my movements. so i quite like it!


  5. Hi Chris, it’s Miss Evans from Ferndown School – I taught you for a little bit, as well as Joe. I will definitely be following your blog – I saw a link to your blog via Facebook – its so great to hear how you are doing and all your success – enjoy your PhD!


  6. Hi Chris! If you have got any upcoming research I would love to help! I’m hoping to tale Psychology at Uni next year and I’m really interested in helping people do some research!


  7. Very honest and open……you don’t shy away from ANYTHING and neither should you. You accept everyone but it’s such a shame that some people can’t accept the way you are….x


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